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Discover the magic of authentic Venice with an exclusive boat taxi tour

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

To comfortably reach your destinations such as your hotel, Marco Polo airport or Santa Lucia railway station, the fastest and most efficient choice is the water taxis

Water taxi in Venice

The Water Taxi in Venice

Venice is a unique city, with its winding canals and famous gondolas. A city suspended in time where getting around by private taxi is not just a moment of transport, but an experience. Seeing and observing the city from a unique and unparalleled perspective in the tranquillity of a private water taxi will remain with you for a lifetime. Admiring St Mark's Basilica and its Piazza will be a memory to tell.

If you are planning a trip to Venice, you are probably looking for information on how to get around the city. One of the most convenient options for getting around Venice is to use taxis.

Taxis in Venice are easy to find and can be booked in advance or taken through the calli. If you decide to hail a taxi, remember to agree on a price before you leave, as taxis in Venice do not have a meter. Also, it is always best to have a map or know the address of your destination.

Why choose a taxi over a Vaporetto?

Taxis in Venice can be a bit more expensive than other means of transport, such as buses or vaporetti (public ferries that navigate the canals). However, they offer a convenient and comfortable way to get around the city, especially if you have a lot of luggage or need to be in a hurry. Taxis can also be a great option for transfers to and from the airport, as they offer a door-to-door service.

One of our tips if you are planning a trip to Venice and want to use taxis to get around the city, is to book them in advance. This way, you can be sure to have a means of transport available when you need it and you can also compare the prices of different taxi companies.

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